10-Step Strategic Communication Plan Matrix

The 10-Step Strategic Communication Plan Matrix was developed by BYU professors.


Matrix: Research

Step One


Is an analysis of the primary and secondary research. Giving background information on the external and internal environments, product or program, industry, market situation, and current trends and attitudes. Should also provide demo- and psycho- graphic information on potential publics. Also identify intervening publics and available resources.

Step Two

Situation Analysis

Two paragraphs. First is of the current situation and a description of the problem or the opportunity. The second points out potential difficulties and related problems.

Step Three

Core Problem/Opportunity

A one-sentence statement of the main difficulty or prospect including consequences

Matrix: Action Planning

Step Five

Key Publics

Write a description of each public that will be reached to help achieve your goals and objectives.
Five elements to identify for publics
  1. Demographics and psychographics profiles
  2. Motivating self-interest
  3. Status of current relationship with the organization and the issue
  4. Third party influentials and other opinion leaders
  5. What objectives the public will help you achieve

: For Effective Public Relations & Marketing (5th Ed.). Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co.