COMM3070 - Summer 2011 - Section 001 - Lecture Notes - 06/07

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There is a wide range of men's movements and they have evolved greatly. There is no single agenda. Most are in support of some form of women's movements. Many explore the concept of masculinity.
Pro-feminist Movements
Equitable treatment; increasing rights
Increase men's emotional development and capacities
National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)
  • Ending men's violence
  • Educating about/ending homophobia
  • equitable treatment for women
  • space for men to be emotional
White ribbon campaign
  • fight against physical, emotional, phycological violence
Mentors in violence prevention
Jackson Katz - Tough Guise
Bystander - behavior/intervention
Men need to stop violence and not condone violent behavior
Opposition to women's rights
Men's rights activists - advocate for more traditional rights
Free Men's movement
  • want and aclaims the "Marbol man"
Iron John by Robert Bly
Need more myths and rights of passage to manhood that is relate to fathers
Promise Keepers
White evangelical men committing to being good fathers
Million man march