COMM3070 - Summer 2011 - Section 1 - Chapter Notes - Introduction

Gendered Lives by Julia Wood

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V. Opening the Conversation (Introduction)
--i. Unlike most books this one will begin with a an introduction to the author
--ii. Books are influenced and shaped by the authors by telling you about the author’s beliefs she hopes that you’ll be able to learn more
--iii. By giving you demographic info about the author you are able to tell a lot about her background and influence
-b. Knowledge Challenge Questions
--i. When was the term feminism first used?
--ii. How many bras were burned in feminist protests in the 1960s?
--iii. Are heterosexual men happier in relationships with feminist or nonfeminist women?
-c. The social construction of inequality
--i. To not be limited by what we were born into we must study and examine those that don’t fit into our social class and demographic
--ii. Though we cannot claim to speak for an underprivileged group we can listen to them.
--iii. Listening leads to learning and learning leads to a broadening of perspectives
--iv. We can become agents of change by realizing that inequality is socially constructed.
-d. Feminism – Feminisms
--i. The author is a feminist
--ii. The word feminism has been misrepresented in media. It actually means “a political position about women”.