COMM3070 - Summer 2011 - Section 1 - Chapter Notes - Preface

Gendered Lives by Julia Wood

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I. Preface
-1. Two reasons for writing Gendered Lives
--a. Introduce students to research that shows students about relationships between communication, gender, and culture
--b. Empower students to make informed decisions regarding gender issues in their lives, how they personally enact gender, and how they add to cultural perspectives and policies related to gender.
II. New Features of the 9th Edition
-1. Greater attention to cultural and social diversity
--a. Chapter on cultural gendered beliefs is not eliminated and interwoven throughout the book
-2. Increased coverage on sexual orientation
--a. Western society links sex, gender, and sexual orientation
-3. Someone who is female (sex) is assumed to be feminine (gender) and heterosexual (sexual orientation)
--a. These links don’t hold true for everyone
-4. Up-to-date research
--a. More than 150 new references to publications released after the 8th edition
-5. Focus on complementary of theories
--a. All theories are not mutually exclusive in fact many complement one another and can increase our understanding when viewed together.
-6. Chapter opening questions
--a. These questions challenge often misunderstood “knowledge”
-7. Suggested Additional Reading
--a. At the end of each chapter you will see this section with two or three resources to read.
--b. There are two criterion for these
---i. The author considers them classic or especially insightful
---ii. Accessible to undergraduate students
-8. Supplementary resources for students and instructors
--a. Companion website for students
---i. Chapter by chapter resources to apply and understand material
---ii. Web links for every URL mentioned in the book
---iii. Self quizzes
---iv. Key term crossword puzzles
---v. Flashcards
---vi. Online glossary
--b. Instructor’s resource manual
---i. Special issues in teaching communication, gender, and culture
---ii. Chapter by chapter guide for teaching gendered lives
----1. Chapter outlines
----2. Activities
----3. Test questions
--c. Instructor’s website
---i. Online instructor’s resource manual
---ii. Links to Wadsworth Cengage Learning technology resources
--d. PowerLecture CD-ROM
---i. Electronic copy of instructor’s resource manual
---ii. ExamView computerized testing
---iii. Microsoft Powerpoint presentations
---iv. JoinIn classroom quizzing
III. Acknowledgements
-1. My students
-2. Lots of other people