COMM3070 - Summer 2011 - Section 001 - Lecture Notes - 05/31

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Bigger catagorey
Men and women are fundamentally the same and therefore they should have equal rights


Men and women are fundamentally different and therefore should have different and specific rights


First Wave 1840-1925
In america > expansion, pre-industrialization, 2nd awakening, agriculture economy going down, sufferage, prohibition . women gaining political power
Seneca Falls Meeting > right to vote, hold property, jobs/vocation, children
Was a mainly white movement
Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B Anthony
"Declaration of Sentiments"
Tactics > grassroots organizing, public protests, non-violent demonstrations, hunger strikes

Second Wave 1960-1995 (Radical Feminism)
Sexism is real, rampant, part of facet
Conscious raising group (local level)
"The personal is political" > personal decisions become products of sexism; women are at home because they have to be
Radical Lesbianism (Seperatism)
"There is no justice or equality in the arms of men ergo we are going with women."
Advocated same rights for same-sex couples
Creating awareness of women's traditional roles and skills in society
Wanted unique and special rights under the law because certain things only happen to women
Women have a special connection to and responsibility for mother nature
Subordination of nature is linked to the subordination of women
Liberal Feminism
Was a largely white movement
Betty Friedan writes The Feminine Mystique (1963) > "the problem that has no name"
Were activist, lobbyist, involved with legislation and public organizations
Challenged policies or practices that excluded women
National Organization for Women (NOW) emerges
Focus on race, class, and gender
Also educational reform, social services, training
Targeted women of color and economically disadvantaged
Multiracial Feminism
Focus on race, class, sexual orientation
Power Feminism
Stop being a victim, you control what happens to you

Third Wave Feminism 1995-Present
  1. Women are different recognize it
  2. Build coalitions - w/men or other groups
  3. Resist - everyday everywhere
  4. Media savvy
  5. Embrace aesthetics and consumerism (or not)
  6. Individualism