COMM3070 - Summer 2011 - Section 001 - Lecture Notes - 06/16

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Functions of non-verbal communication
  1. Supplement - what you are saying
  2. Regulate - let you know when to talk, etc.
  3. Establish the relationship (level of meaning)
    • responsiveness - head nod, showing that your paying attention
    • liking - showing distance or closeness in conversation (from early on girls are typically socialized to do this)
    • power - touch, voice, physical space
Why women aren't funny? -Hitchens
Women are attractive so they don't need to be funny
Women are slower to get the punchline but enjoy it more once they do

Humor is often associated with aggression and intelligence or accreting dominance.
Someone with a strong sence of humor is usually intiminating for others.
Women at times downplay their funniness to help themselves with social dynamics.