COMM3710 - Fall 2011 - Section 001 - Lecture Notes - 08/25

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Everyday ways of Knowing (on exam)
  1. Personal Experience
  2. Intuition or hunches
  3. Customs or cultural norms
  4. Magic or superstition
  5. Authority (figures)

Theory – any attempt to explain a phenomenon
Parsimony (simple) and fit (accurate) can be used for evaluating theories or models. These two concepts are always at odds.

Approaches to theory
Hypothetico-Deductive Method
Select a theory, operationalize, hypothesis, test, support or fail
i.e. women are socialized to express more, being encouraged to talk more at younger age, parents will encourage females to talk more than male children,

The hypothesis is the theory stated in operational terms.

Grounded Approach (inductive)
Observe, analysis, purpose theory

These two approaches are often complementary instead of competing. HD method is general to specific. Grounded is specific to general.

Intro to Epistemology and Ontology

Epistemology is how do we know.
Ontology is what is the nature of being human.