COMM3710 - Fall 2011 - Section 001 - Lecture Notes - 09/08

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Bar and Leaf chart
  • Graphed horizontally
  • Data instead of frequencies is graphed
  • For homework use word table not excel, a good example is pg. 117
Line chart
  • These are most appropriate for a measurement that is a continuous such as data over time.
  • Not really appropriate for categorical data

PG. 144 in reading will be on exam. Perceptual distortions will be on exam. Often times what is graphed is the length or height but our eyes are drawn to the areas. Watch the scales make sure your increments are the same. Percentage change graphs need to be 0 to 100. Economic graphs need to be adjusted for inflation. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

PG 149 will be on exam as well. Percentage change graphs can be tricky. In this example it looks like the price of public education goes down but this is false. The rate of increase is going down but it is always going up.